Our story


BIMANI, formerly known as biombo 13, was born out of the blue and without funding in the summer of 2012. I was 22 years old, I had just finished Business Administration and Management at ICADE and I was starting Fashion Design at Marangoni, Paris.

I remember how unclear I was about what my path would be after falling in love with the crazy world of fashion during my first internship at Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

With no intention of creating a brand and desperate to find simple garments, I decided to design a basic blouse together with a seamstress. At that moment I found a wonderful fabric that, without knowing it, would change my life. Little by little, people around me started to love my blouses, they were comfortable, timeless and the fabric didn't wrinkle at all.

Finally blouses that we didn't have to iron!

Without realising it, my hobby became my job, we moved from our living room to a small showroom, soon we professionalised our clothing by opting for Spanish workshops and suppliers, we focused mainly on online sales and we participated in the first, and very successful, Pop-Ups in Madrid.

The Twist concept of our reversible garments, the practicality of the fabric and the wide range of colours attracted customers. When it seemed that the extravagant and flashy was the most commercially attractive thing to do, it turned out that the simple also worked, so we decided to go for "appealing basics".

2017 was a year of changes and growth. Always keeping in mind that the brand identity would go hand in hand with me and using social media as a tool to reach our customers, biombo 13 became BIMANI. We also expanded our product range and opened our flagship store on calle Velázquez in Madrid, the store I always dreamed of.

Year after year, BIMANI continues to grow with me. We recently updated our brand image, opting for a new BIMANI that is simpler and more mature than ever, and we continue to launch new basic products with a BIMANI touch. After the opening of our shop in Valencia and Barcelona, we face a new challenge with great enthusiasm: the opening of shops in other Spanish cities.

Time has flown and I have barely noticed the growth we have experienced over these years. With the joy as at the beginning and along with a wonderful team of more than 50 people, we continue to work day-to-day for a brand of timeless fashion, classic and far from the extravagant

Thank you for allowing me to experience and share my dream with you!

All the best,